BUE Location

BUE LOCATION is a company originated in inbound foreign tourists who our travel agency has served personally for over a decade.

Following global market trends, we offer the possibility of staying in fully-equipped and furnished apartments in different residential areas.

  Our services are targeted to:

The BUE LOCATION services are offered both to Argentines and foreigners.

BUE LOCATION seeks to fulfill our customers’ needs carefully pinpointing houses and apartments tailored to our customers’ profile and budget. Our purpose is for our customers to make the most of their time with the least effort possible.

  The services include:
  • Temporary rentals of apartments for short periods of time (daily, weekly, fortnight, monthly, etc)
  • Apartment and/or house rentals under agreements entered into for the usual term (two years)
  • Rental and purchase of offices for use or rent.
  • Relocation of foreigners either alone or with their families (RELOCATION OF FOREIGNERS)
  • Domestic relocation (RELOCATION OF ARGENTINES )
  • Search for real estate for home buying and/or investment.