Relocation in Buenos Aires

A different culture is not always easy to understand. This is what happens to foreigners who must be relocated with their families in a new destination other than their place of origin and to Argentines from different places of our country who must be relocated in this capital city (companies’ personnel, university students, etc)

BUE LOCATION helps transferees or relocated persons to cope with the emotional stress and fit into the local community more smoothly.

  RELOCATION services include
  • Advice on new home searches with a pre-organized and customized site inspection.
  • First class legal and notarial advice.
  • International moving service.
  • Specialized personnel to tailor homes to the new families who will live there. (Architects, interior designers, carpenters, masons, electricians, etc)
  Social insertion in the community, an essential supplement to RELOCATION
  • Spanish lessons (alone or in groups)
  • Search for schools and educational institutions according to customer’s profile.
  • Shopping assistance.(personal effects and for the new home)
  • Contact with different clubs to share sports and social activities.
  • Tango lessons (alone or in groups)
  • Tennis, golf, yachting lessons (alone or in groups).
  • Organization of social events (breakfasts, lunches, tea-parties, cocktails, dinners, work meetings, trips, etc)
  • Organization of children’s parties. Baby- sitters.
  • Hiring of maids.
  • Advice on physicians and medical care.
  • Legal advice.
  • Contact with people of their country of origin.
These services may be contracted for all together or separately.